The E-CLUB is an independent, non-profit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Our purpose is to promote the welfare of East High by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between East High and its growing worldwide community of alumni and supporters. Any contributions to the E-Club is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE as allowable by law.

  • The E-CLUB provides an alumni network and encourages alumni engagement in the life of the school by leveraging the resources, talents, and initiatives of the alumni and supporters to advise, guide, advocate for and support the E-CLUB and EAST HIGH in achieving their respective missions and goals.
  • The E-CLUB coordinates activities for advancing EAST HIGH’s academic, administrative, athletic, vocational and creative arts programs via scholarship funding.
  • The E-CLUB members pledge a lifetime commitment to its core values of integrity, diversity, benevolence, charity, ethical behavior and fellowship.
  • The E-CLUB will continually assess the interest and needs of EAST HIGH and maintain strong relationships with school Administrators, Faculty, Class Officers and students in order to build awareness and commitment to the mission and goals of EAST HIGH and the E-CLUB.
  • The E-CLUB encourages alumni advocacy for support of higher education by state and federal officials, facilitating direct contact with elected and appointed officials whenever appropriate.